Thursday, October 06, 2005

season three of fullbleed is coming along rather smoothly and should be available for order late november if all goes as planned. i'm really excited how everything is coming along and everyone is going to benefit from how i'm reorganizing the line. everything will be american apparel this time around and will cost less than the current line which is printed on generic shirts. a few designs from season 2 will still be sold, being restocked in american apparel (i can't wear anything else). also, this time around the unbranding of fullbleed continues even further as the name won't appear anywhere on the shirt other than the inside collar, you are paying enough for a shirt that it doesn't need to bear an advertisement. oh, and no more black shirts, that shit is for dudes who wear makeup. the following are sketches of sorts and don't actually represent the final designs, just wait a few more weeks.


At 10/06/2005 08:32:55 PM, Aaron said...

"that shit is for dudes who wear makeup" hahah

Looking good so far.

At 10/07/2005 01:55:39 AM, jesse said...

like aaron said before me, the "that shit is for dudes who wear makeup" line is priceless.

At 10/08/2005 03:04:55 AM, Hornblower said...

careful your new shirts don't end up looking like ipod ads

At 10/10/2005 05:47:48 PM, brian said...

aa, is quality. how long till we see a launch 2006? or sooner?

At 10/14/2005 05:17:25 AM, Anonymous said...


could you ditch youth large (which, in american apparel terms, is a girl large) and print on xs instead?


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