hey everyone! so the friendlyfest3 lineup is complete and ready to go! josh and i are very excited about it and hope that you are too. just so you know, friendlyfest3 will be having a VEGAN POTLUCK!! and the only way to have a successful potluck is by having people bring food. this means you!! if you have any interest in taking part in the potluck, please email josh (josh@redscroll.com) and let him know what you are bringing, as a means to avoid repetition and to ensure that there is space for your eats (as there is only a limited amount of room). additionally, please note that the list of bands shows on the lineup page is NOT the actual order of the bands playing on the 31st. that lineup, including set times and whatnot, will be up in a few weeks. please keep checking back for updates. thanks!

- brian frenette

brian - mibric@aol.com   josh - josh@redscroll.com