the story:

A little over a year ago, I found myself with an open room at the University of Connecticut, but no show booked. I approached my partner-in-crime Josh about said predicament. After some discussion, we decided to put on a festival-type show, a free show geared toward all our friends spending the day together, hanging out, and having a good time. We also wanted to try and encompass as many genres as possible, as such divisions in "punk rock" seem overly trite and misused. It was from this general idea that I dubbed it Friendlyfest (although Josh suggested the very close 'Friendfest'). The first Friendlyfest took place on Feb. 16th, 2001 at UCONN. To our surprise, nearly 200 people showed up. It was from this initial wonderful experience that Josh and I decided to make it an annual event, as a continuing example of how everyone in CT and the surrounding areas can come together and share a day of fun and music, all the while defeating the stereotypical elements of "kids" running a show by respecting each other, the bands, and the venue. So long as this continues, so will Friendlyfest. Thank you to those who have helped ensure its existence.

-Brian Frenette