florida vacation aka backsweat fest 2k4

dan and i, dan is my brother. we are both a sweaty mess, this is a running theme.

dan lost his legs on space mountain.

i have my arm up donald's butt, that is adam on the bottom, he isn't related to us but looks like he is.

dan kept harassing gepetto.

dan and adam could easily be wwf tag team champs.

quasimodo and pluto.

after dan saw this photo he went to the bathroom and shaved off his sideburns, no joke.

rob dobi reporting for duty.

oh shit.

be careful.

enough of this.


this thing bit dan's hand three seconds later.

i wanted to climb this thing so fucking bad.

this thing was huge, we're talking 9/11 huge!


underwater cameras are dope.

i was crying at this point of the flight due to my ears killing me so all i could do was take photos to ease the pain.

we were supposed to have electronic devices turned off at this point but i don't play by the rules.