fuck yeah me stupid drawings i do past work free typefaces silly photos

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go away i like mail be nice leave some lovin back to me complaining


after quite a bit of work photos.dobi.nu has been finished. its rather huge so be sure to poke around a bit.

i don't have much else to say.


well i'm home in connecticut for the summer. junior year at risd is officially over.

i don't have a job yet, want to hire me? i'm available for illustration jobs big or small so go ahead and email me and we can get talking.

those t shirts i've been promising might come soon!

i attended friendlyfest 2 in CT this past evening and it was a blast. highlights included the transistor transistor dance party, brian frenette kicking me directly in the face, nailgun the kitten to the wall going absolutely bonkers, an insanely emotional set from a days refrain,  the sing along during "for meg" by on the might of princes, and forstella ford delivering a short but sweet set.

i added some pictures of a days refrain to the photos section, as well as some 24 photos i took of there were wires last march.

and even more a days refrain talk, i bought their split with neil perry, that shit is mint kid.


so theres two new images in my portfolio, and i'm content with them. go here to see them, they are the first two on the page. the colors in one are way more saturated than usual and i like the result.

now that summer is rolling around i'm accepting freelance illustration jobs, so feel free to email me with possible jobs, i'm quite reasonable.

i set up a website for my roommate and fellow risd illustration major, joe tesauro. he does some insane paintings so hire him to do some stuff, check out joes site here.

speaking of joe, he and other risd troublemakers set up artschoolbruisers.com, so give it a look, they all do really nice work.

i bought the break's new self titled cd, i like it.

i end my junior year at risd this week and go home to fairfield ct on the 26th, time is moving way too fast.


i added a whopping 4 more images to the illustration section. go get them.

someone i knew freshman year died the other day. i work at the risd copy center and someone had me copy an excerpt out of her journal. that just felt wierd.


i have a new portfolio up, with even newer work.

i'm also selling prints of some of my work.

anywho, yesterday i'm at work, and i'm kinda shy about blowing my nose in front of people, so i take the box of tissues from the copy center and head to the bathroom.

i knock on the door a few times, no answer.

i open the door and i hear a thud, i look down and there is a human being laying on the ground.

i just slammed the door into a passed out bums face.

he looked up and just moaned.

he eventually split and was arrested by public safety, and i soon got to blow my nose.


i remember when i was about ten years old my mother and i went to some school that was no longer in use, i didn't know the name of the place, nor where it was.

i found it again today, went inside, and took several photos that can be seen here.

i still don't know the name of the place.


surprise, i've been banned from yet another abandoned mental asylum. here are the photos of norwich state hospital,

speaking of mental asylums, i put the fairfield hills site back up, this time for good i suppose.

i've been recieving an overwhelming amount of messages from 15 year old girls lately and thats kind of disturbing since i turn 21 on april 9th.


despite all the buzz from risd nerds i really enjoyed amelie.

portfolio with a serious amount of new stuff, soon.


so i've been busy.

i've got plenty to add here but the current format for a "portfolio" isn't exactly working, it will soon i hope. i'm honestly working on it.

this month i am seeing moment, thursday, wesley willis, piebald, bats and mice, jimmy eat world, and a few others. my camera might be action, i feel like i need to get a pic of myself with wesley, maybe he'll headbutt me.

i didn't get to see small brown bike last nite because my friends car died, i was sad.

dead cats are always a blast, this is proof.


first off, i bought keebler elf butter fudge cookies today, and the receipt read "keeb elf butt fudge."

i heard elf butt fudge is good when dipped in milk.

i've updated quite a bit of stuff, and some content has been removed due to a run in with old johnny law, but i won't get into that.

photos of further seems forever, moment, and just for today have been added to the photos / bands section.

and even after a run in with the fuzz a week ago, i still went exploring all day today, this time in the foundry in providence, some really interesting stuff was found.  photos have been added to the photos / urban section.

i'm going to sell t shirts here soon, and i hope i don't lose my life savings doing so.


so i just got off the phone with my mother and i have never been so furious in my whole life.

i got a call a few minutes prior to talking to her from "brian from the jenny jones show."

at first i thought it was someone just fooling around, questioning me about a "teen makeover show" that i apparently called about, but then i realized this was the real deal. i completely forgot about a call i made to them a few months ago, complaining about my brother dressing all goth.

jenny jones wanted me on the show.

i told the guy on the other line that my brother dan, dresses in all black, and frequents hot topic, and that i can't even go out in public with him.

of course dan is quite the opposite, he is 6 feet tall and has blonde hair, and you'd swear he was in n'sync, but he could have played the role perfectly.

so at this point the guy flat out offers to fly dan and i out from connecticut to chicago this wednesday, with a free hotel room, and a spot on the show, where dan would get a makeover after i talk about how angry i am with his appearence.

i had never been so excited in my life. ever.

so i give him my parents number so he can call them and get permission to have dan on the show, and he told me he'd call me back in a few minutes.

i immediately call my mom but no one is picking up, obviously its her ignoring call waiting.


i call again, shes still ignoring my call.


i call the other line at my house, finally my mom picks up.

she told "brian from the jenny jones show" that dan wears no such things and she didn't want him on the show.


"brian from the jenny jones show" never called me back.

the show was fun.

anton bordman was really neat, only having a drummer and a bassist, yet sounding like a five piece band.

the fiction were also a pleasant surprise, i really enjoyed them.

there were wires are just amazing and hot cross was equally as great.

i posted photos from the fiction and there were wires in the photos section.

it was good to see alexis and her boyfriend geoff. good times.

on the way home i was talking to my friend andrew about a time i saw a car obviusly driven by someone intoxicated, hit a barrier on 84, swerve right back into the road, do a 180, then fly off the road backwards into a ditch.

A - what would you do if you stopped your car and found that the guy was dead?
D - i'd probably take photos and call 911.
A - i wouldn't.
D - you wouldn't take photos?
A - no, i wouldn't call 911, what are they going to do? help him? hes already dead.

so true.

the fairfield hills state hospital site is back, although with slightly less content, but thats a good thing.

i'm seeing hot cross and there were wires this weekend at uconn, that it exciting. hot cross is ex saetia and there were wires are simply amazing.

should be fun.

i took down the fairfield hills site for various reasons, it will resurface soon, as more of a photo essay than anything else. the previous one was a tad too revealing.

i have jury duty soon, i'm more than excited.