fuck yeah me stupid drawings i do past work free typefaces silly photos

go away i like mail be nice leave some lovin back to me complaining

work that doesn't really fall anywhere else. i need to update this soon.

norwich state hospital
an amazing abandoned asylum.

fairfield hills state hospital
aka st agnes in mtv's fear. fun times.

how to dress emo
my current 15 minutes of fame. i'm on minute 14.

i stink at math
this chronicles my epic struggles in math class over the years.

oh jesus
i had to do a piece about religion, and since i'm the furthest thing from religious, i did this.

this planet of ours
drunk joe + me = funny

this planet of ours too!
drunk joe + me = funny times two

chile con carne
don't ask, i got bored at work

toxic type
my own little type foundry. this is so old.

dobi.nu radio
my little radio station on mp3.com, gets updated every couple months. theres actually some quality stuff on there.


a problem arises
every teenagers worst nightmare, a comic about a boy who gets aroused at the worst of times. my mom and i actually saw a kid with a boner at a waterpark once, we laughed.

super happy manga comic
i had to do a comic out of my style about my worst nightmare, so i did myself in a manga comic. in print its much better because the grays are converted to dot patterns and its on newsprint, all you kids who read manga are geeks.

quintin / sales associate
i worked at staples for over two year and there was a guy there named quintin who would crap all over the place, this is his story.

better off friends? better off dead
an absolutely retarded comic that had too many requirements in the assignment, hence the execution seems kind of weird, its quite emo.

the tortoise and the hare
the age old classic redone by me, which means theres guns and blood.

i get bored at work and stuff like this happens.