fuck yeah me stupid drawings i do past work free typefaces silly photos

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go away i like mail be nice leave some lovin back to me complaining

rob dobi

hi. my name is robert william dobi.

i was born on april 9th 1981 making me 21.

i'm going to be a senior at rhode island school of design majoring in illustration in the fall. i'm starting to get scared.

connecticut is home but providence ri is school.

i don't drink or smoke. never have.

here are some bands i like in no particular order. a days refrain. small brown bike. city of caterpillar. saetia. you and i. hot cross. forstella ford. neil perry. portrait. envy. sometimes walking sometimes running. strike anywhere. pg 99. orchid. alkaline trio. bright calm blue. moment. transistor transistor. i hate myself. engine down. the gloria record. the assistant. thursday. thrice. the refused. mates of state. boy sets fire. four hundred years. mineral. big d and the kids table. there were wires. the hope conspiracy. lifetime. kid dynamite. jawbreaker. planes mistaken for stars. penfold. recover.

i have a lovely girlfriend and her name is amanda.